Silicon Hose

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Cleod’s Silicone Hoses are widely used for heating & cooling systems, to CAC (Charge Air Cooler) in hot and cold applications such as, Turbo Charger Systems & Custom Compressors, Intercooler or Intake & Inlet Piping for Turbo / Super Charger in Engine compartment and other applications.

At Cleod we have a wide range of standard built straight, elbow, reducer, and formed hose for usage in coolant and turbocharger ( Air Intake System) applications.

The liner and cover are made with high quality silicone rubber with multiple reinforcements of nylon and polyester. For high heat resistance Aramid (Nomex) reinforcement is used.

General Temperature range -55°C to +260°C. Silicone Heater & Coolant Hoses meets the requirements of temperature from - 54ºC to + 177 ºC and - 54ºC to + 260ºC for CAC Connectors & Sleeves

Meets the specification as per SAE J20 RB Class A material and other standard